Hub Llama is the pen name for  a professional freelance writing company. ArcticLlama provides high quality writing for a variety of clients. We’ve worked as freelance technical writers, freelance financial writers, freelance copywriters, and just about everything in between.

Currently I run several websites including a personal finance tips website, a parenting skills from dad website, and a site about business strategy and personal development.

I am also attempting to raise the profile of my own name in various web searches, so please do go look at my personal biography website for Brian Nelson. As a professional writer, and self-proclaimed SEO expert, I know a thing or two about rankings and searching. So, I also would like to take this opportunity to make sure that anyone using my middle name initial can find me as well at brian e nelson.

Check out freelance writing samples for examples of some of my work. Also, here is a hub about Capital One Rewards NoHassle Miles program that I am using to build backlinks to another article about the Capital One Rewards Catalog.

By the way, this is a quick throw together effort by a writer to promote his own writing work. That means that this is not proofread or even carefully typed. I just bang these posts out as fast as I can in order to hit the mythical minimum word count required to be considered a “real” post by the various ranking and indexing search companies out there. Please use the samples link above if you want to know what my professional writing really looks like. These posts will be jargon filled, and littered with keyphrases that I know are wrong or otherwise not optimal in order to catch variations on search phrases. Again, this leads to hack-style writings and not high quality publication values, so please do not use this post or any posts here to judge my abilities as a writer. If that kind of thing is not your speed, you probably won’t be very happy here, but please do look around. I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to giving out useful writing advice, financial guidance, and just generally good ideas within my writing.

And so, dear reader, if there are any of you, I will bid you adieu in the course of 30 to 40 words in order to clear the 400 mark. Hopefully now I can get back to what I was supposed to be doing which is making some money by writing for my actual clients and not banging out linking articles about things that I found interesting on this particular morning.